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Trials of Mana - Camera and Lock on Feedback  

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After playing the demo with multiple runs I found the lock on system and the camera speed is hindering the experience of the player.

1. the camera takes forever to turn, the camera is very close to the character that is in control and is kinda claustrophobic at times. I think the camera may need to be reworked when in combat because its more of a arena rather than a point of view. I feel like either panning it out towards a more traditional skywards view that covers a little higher than when not in a battle, not making you worry about camera angles and more about the monsters and what your characters are doing. this whole personal perspective its fun and submersion but it doesn't help when you really would like to turn as fast as your character can change directions.


2. Lock on, I think its more of a camera issue which is really making this part feel wonky but when you cannot lock onto a monster that your camera cannot see then it becomes an issue when you just want to track the monster that is around you. but even if the lock on worked and you can lock on properly to enemies that are still around you would make navigating the bad camera angles.


I feel like the camera in general needs to be reworked and have a more sub sky angle rather than personal 3rd person perspective.


Maybe have 2 options for the battle camera? Classic style and new 3rd Person personal camera view?


The game feels great and responsive but I feel like this area is where problems may occur and I think reworking these areas will help the gameplay not suffer bad review points.


Thanks, Noon

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Posted : 12/04/2020 3:24 am
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Also maybe the lock on feature may need to be the focus on where the camera will start to look rather than the player using the camera joystick to keep track on manual turning of the camera.

Player just locks on to the enemy they want the camera to stay with till the next enemy they would like to snap towards with the auto lock and camera perspective.

While in battle I dont think anyone likes to take their self out of the fight just to swing the camera angles.

Posted : 12/04/2020 3:33 am
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I’m playing on the switch and the button mapping allowed me to change the targeting to another button which helped a ton. I also know that if you turn the camera speed up it can help but also hinder. I agree it could have been way smoother. 

Posted : 15/05/2020 1:33 pm