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Critical Mode (playthru 3+)  

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I’ve been playing square titles since my hands could be on sticks. I’m loving how a game from the 90’s is giving me so much replay ability. After 80 hours on hard mode and me completing the game twice thru and maxing out all characters to 99, I’m looking to start playthru 3. I’m hoping I’m not alone in wanting a critical mode maybe even where everything is level 99 because there is honestly no challenge in the early game because you can easily one shot bosses with normal attacks. I’ve acquired all skills and am looking to play the opposite (light/dark) paths I didn’t pick during my first 2 playthrus. Maybe if we can get enough of the community behind it they can update a very hard/critical mode. Then this game would truly be held high on a pedestal. Overall I’ve been super impressed with this game and I understand I play a little harder and faster than the average gamer but if this mode was the end thought of this beautiful game, I know the community would be behind it. Thank you for all the hard work team. 

Posted : 15/05/2020 1:31 pm