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Chapter 16 Feedback  

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I have been playing this game very thoroughly because I do not wish to miss anything.

When Hart offered his ‘help’ I thought, ‘no thanks– games reward me for taking on challenges myself.

Imagine my disgust when I find later that one of the most important items in the game is included in his offer for no reason and without so much as a hint.

So, apparently the design philosophy here was ‘players should either have read a wiki beforehand or make a stupid decision with their money.’

Almost all the treasure in this game is off the beaten path. For 60 hours this game has trained me to go in the opposite direction of the main objective to find treasure.

But now, in this moment with Hart, devs, you have 180’d on your own design philosophy in order to cheat your players.


Posted : 14/05/2020 1:06 pm